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Buy Generic RU 486 Online

A few decades ago, women had to experience the phobia of the general medical instruments & anesthesia to undergo the process of abortion in order to terminate the pregnancy. But to great relief, this type of phobia has been fruitfully relieved due to the proper discovery of the useful medications that carry out such a process without the spilled of blood. For this reason, so many pharma companies are there to give your parcel at your home if you are looking to terminate unwanted pregnancy at home with a surgical procedure. Here, also offers you to buy Generic RU486 online and get rid of medical abortion. Our shipping policy covers the USA, UK, and Canada.

RU486 Mechanism :

Abortion pills mainly constitute Mifeprex & misoprostol which possess the scientific names (RU486). These are considered to be oral contraception drugs that lead to the proper & successful process of abortion without the usage of clinical instruments. RU486 online forms to be one of the essential drugs that cause the potential blocking of the regulation of the hormone that is termed as testosterone. It has been diagnosed that in the absence of this essential hormone, the lining of the uterus breaks down completely, thus, this effective rupture does not allow the further advancement of the pregnancy stages.

This medicinal device needs to be consumed with another vital drug misoprostol & it casts the role of the structural contraction of the embryo & this stage is later followed by immense bleeding as well as suffering from extensive cramps.

RU486 Benefits:

Such effective methods have reduced the pain that is caused while carrying out such procedures.

When compared on the basis of the surgical procedures, women who have been in taking such useful drugs, experience a lower amount of symptoms & this completely disappear after a certain period of time.

RU486 Precautionary measures:

Both the pills must be consumed within a period of 24 to 72 hours, thus it helps to execute the desired results.

RU486 is advised that people must undertake health checkups on regular basis.

RU486 online

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14 reviews for RU486 online

  1. Michelle Lee

    I got an unexpected pregnancy so took the pill, the abortion process was easy as it was explained by the support. The bleeding was very bad with cramps and pain. I was bleeding heavy for continuous 8 days in my big maxi pads. but finally it did its work.

  2. Linda brown

    The suggestion from the support team last night has helped me. Thanks for clarifying all of my doubts hope that the pills works well. i recommend to all the women who wants to end their unwanted pregnancy.

  3. Rose Shawn

    I am an old member of this site. The guaranteed delivery of my order from you all was great. It was easy to and at low cost.

  4. Julie Jackson

    The pills were effective thanks to the team for giving me the tracking information.

  5. Angela King

    The packaging of my parcel was good and the pills worked really great.

  6. Shirley Allen

    I am sure most women might be buying the pills from you, I could get the sense from your reviews.. which was true.. thought of leaving one review from my end too.

  7. Esme Robert

    A number of online medicine sellers said me they sell abortion pills but the cost was too high. The support team I found on this website was honest with me as they were not forcing me to buy only from them but they understood my pregnancy gestation and shared all information I needed. Even during the payment process, there was trouble but the support communication helped me out. Good to see such online pharmacies working for women like us.

  8. Emily Lopez

    The kit was well wrapped and safely delivered at my place. Thanks for the care.

  9. Melissa George

    My name is Lovina and I am 28 yrs old. I brought this RU486 pill in my unwanted pregnancy as I did not want to give birth to a child. My boyfriend left me the time i told him of pregnancy. Then my parents got me out of my house as i have ruined their life and was no more their daughter. My best friend supported me and even told me about the solution for all about medical abortion from an online store. Now I am working in a coffee shop and live in a rented house. I am very thankful to you all.

  10. Isabella Rose

    Okay, thank you for working with me. You guys have been so helpful with everything. I’m sorry it’s just been a really stressful time in my life. Is there any chance I can pay to have that shipped quickly overnight.

  11. Shiloh Nelson

    People around me have scared me about medical abortion. But i did not have any other choice so I had to it! the process was not actually as terrible as people had made it look. Of course, there were intense cramps… but since I have experienced labor pain before, this was almost nothing if compared. the bottom line is the abortion pills worked for me. Thanks!

  12. Lucy Aderson

    Fast shipping made my abortion plan successful !!

  13. Whitley Johnson

    Recently I ordered a RU486 pill with the prescription for my pregnancy termination online and have extra pills. The bleeding was heavy and the cramps were bad with the other two pills the cramps were less painful.

  14. Diana Peterson

    Ru486 tablet helped me to make abortion, cost worth it.

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