About us

Who are we and why do we insist for a safe abortion with E-pillstore.com?

E-pillstore is a social firm that which is a part of a global reform for reproductive health and pretty accessible for a safe abortion for each women. Our team consists of multilingual counsellors , medical doctors and experts in the field of general public health and global development of that work hand -to-hand with to result out  precise information about safe abortion. We, in every terms, respect women to judge about own decisions regarding their own reproductive health and health issues.  

What can E-pillstore.com render you?

E-pillstore.com Provide gratifying information regarding safe abortion and how to consume abortion pills.

There are various procedures to end-out pregnancy safely. At e-pillstore.com, we assure in sharing accurate information about abortion pills within first 2.5-3 months of pregnancy . During this time period , a woman can have a safe abortion at home with intake of medicines such as Misoprostol or Mifepristone  and Misoprostol.

If having any query ,don’t hesitate or feel free to contact us . We will be happy to help you out under any circumstances.

Our Mission

To promote safe abortion by rendering trustworthy
information about abortion Pills.

24/7 Support and Help

Customers are extremely important to us as we have been serving our valuable customers for years. We are 24/7 at your service with voice calls, live chats. We are here to support you with all of your queries. Furthermore, we have experts providing the best solutions as well as appropriate guidance,

Overnight Shipping

We provide various shipping options which include standard shipping delivery, express shipping, and overnight shipping service. In any case, if the customer needs their order on an immediate basis, then we can deliver the medication with overnight delivery.

Discreet Packing

We ship globally with our multiple Pharmacies stores. We use FedEx, DHL, USPS for express delivery. Your parcels delivered in discreet packing-which is 100% secure and private. The vital part of any successful business is to ensure that customer service is on point and provided on priority.

Customer Satisfaction

Our fundamental target is to guarantee health to our consumers. 100% satisfaction ensured. we have helped many individuals by offering quality, safe and effective abortion pills.If you are not satisfied by the medicine that is provided to you, you can please get in touch with us once the package achieves your doorstep.

Meet Our Doctors

We E-pillstore.com provide an alternative to medical abortion in your home in a very safe manner. 


Dr. Livia Passaquin



Dr. Madelyn Torff

Obstetrician Gynecologist


Tiana Gouse

Clinic Worker (Controller)


Dr. Richard Hale


Have Any Questions?

Abortion Pill and medical abortion are often used as interchangeable. However, the abortion pill, which is actually a combination of two medicines. Is used to end an unwanted pregnancy and perform a medical abortion. 

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